Extreme Weather Operations

black swift technologies mountain image

The Black Swift S2 UAS was designed and engineered from inception to meet the demands of high altitude flights through strong winds and damaging airborne particulates typical of nomadic scientific field campaigns. These harsh environments have been the proving grounds for this purpose-built scientific aerial platform.

From arctic conditions gathering aerial snow and ice measurements, to flights over and around active volcanoes measuring select gases and atmospheric properties, Black Swift Technologies has experience capturing scientific data in the most extreme environments.


We have flown 72 different flights in supercell thunderstorms, two of them tornadic. Our aircraft have been relied upon for wildland fire observations, hurricane monitoring, and mapping missions at altitudes exceeding 14,260 feet (AGL)–all utilizing sensor-reactive flight patterns. When you work with Black Swift Technologies, you are working with a firm with proven experience flying UAS in the most extreme phenomena on Earth. Put that experience to work for your next scientific exploration.

Take your scientific research to the next level with Black Swift Technologies.