Biome-specific Scientific Research

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NASA, NOAA and similar scientific agencies require deliverables with a high degree of precision, accuracy and reliability. The Black Swift S2 has been embraced by these organizations for precisely those characteristics and used by them in a variety of research initiatives including:

  • NASA MALIBU (Multi AngLe Imaging Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function sUAS)
    • Using a multi-angular sensor array to generate science-quality reference data sets suitable for calibration/validation activities supporting NASA’s suite of polar-orbiting satellite missions.
  • NOAA NightFOX (Nighttime Fire Observations eXperiment)
    • Develop a sUAS Observation System (sUASOS) for wildfire observations, measurements, fire weather observations and modelling.
  • NASA/JPL Volcano Monitoring
    • Airborne carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements via a UAS following the contours of the forest canopy near an active volcano. Resulting data will help NASA/JPL to better understand how volcanoes work, and improve volcano eruption planning and warning capabilities.
  • NOAA FIREX (Fire Influence on Regional and global Environments eXperiment)
    • Use of a sUASOS for nighttime wildfire measurements to characterize nighttime fire emissions and fire characteristics.
  • NASA SoOp (Signals of Opportunity)
    • Using P-band reflective signals to measure SWE (Snow Water Equivalent) from a UAS.

“The Black Swift S2 is well engineered for conducting atmospheric research studies, specifically turbulent measurements and flux measurements of various gases. With the S2, for the first time, we have finally found a UAS that is really tailor-made for exactly the type of research that we want to do.”

Ed Dumas

Licensed sUAS Pilot NOAA/ATDD

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