Custom Payload Integration

black swift technologies mountain image

Key to the success of any aerial scientific exploration is the union of the airframe, flight management system, and specialize payload sensors required for the specific application being researched.

Black Swift Technologies has designed, or collaborated on the design of unique, first of their kind payloads integrated into a UAS. These payloads include:

  • Passive microwave L-band radiometer (Soil Moisture Mapping, Estuary Salinity Mapping)
  • P-band sensor (NASA SoOp)
  • In situ atmospheric probe measuring pressure, temperature, humidity (PTH), and three-dimensional (3D) winds (Volcano Monitoring)
  • Nephelometer measuring particle size and distribution (Volcano Monitoring)
  • EO/Thermal and video cameras (Volcano Monitoring, NightFOX)
  • Multispectral sensors and cameras (Soil Moisture Mapping)
  • Dedicated trace gas sensors (Volcano Monitoring)
  • Lightweight instrument package for in situ fire plume chemical and aerosol measurements (NOAA NightFOX)
  • RH, p, T sensors (Volcano Monitoring, NightFOX)
  • Multi-Hole Probe for wind measurements (Volcano Monitoring, NightFOX)
  • And many more, too numerous to list

Suffice it to say, that if you have a specialize payload or sensor requirement, there is no engineering firm with more experience integrating unique payloads than Black Swift Technologies. Rely on that experience for your next research initiative.

Take your scientific research to the next level with Black Swift Technologies.