BlackSwift S2™ UAS

The BlackSwift S2™ UAS is specifically designed for atmospheric and earth observing scientific field campaigns. Contact us to learn more.

This advanced aerial platform was developed and refined in partnership with NASA and University of Colorado (CU) Boulder Integrated Remote and In Situ Sensing (IRISS), and consists of the airframe, avionics, and sensors specifically designed to measure atmospheric parameters (e.g., temperature, pressure, humidity, and 3D winds) as well as carrying up to 2.3kg (5lbs) of additional payload.

“NASA, CU, and similar scientific agencies require deliverables with a high degree of accuracy and reliability,” emphasizes Jack Elston, Ph.D., CEO of Black Swift Technologies. “The Black Swift S2 is a purpose-built aerial platform specifically engineered for flying scientific payloads in demanding atmospheric environments and will enhance the performance and utility of any airborne science fleet.”