Environmental Monitoring

Modular by Design, Accurate by Nature™

Using different sensor payloads which, by design, are easily interchangeable, BST delivers UAS solutions specifically designed to measure selected gases and atmospheric parameters including, temperature, pressure, humidity, and 3D winds as well as more advanced measurements such as particle sizing and trace gases. The existence of a UAS capable of carrying the necessary instruments routinely through harsh environments adds an invaluable contribution to the calibration and validation of data collected from ground and satellite-based methods.

Black Swift Technology’s UAS have been utilized for scientific research by federal and state public agencies and other state-funded laboratories to collect data on coherent atmospheric structures such as volcano plumes, wildfire smoke, soil moisture content, etc. Commercial applications for private industry include using a UAS to assess the composition, and relative danger, of chemical fires at refineries or the chemical composition of smokestack exhaust.

A Truly Integrated Solution

Leveraging BST’s proprietary Mission Planning Software, scientists can program BST’s UAS in minutes to indicate the area under review and then begin collecting data for immediate analysis and decision making.

With its intuitive tab-driven interface, flight planning is simple and easy to accomplish. Mission monitoring and mapping is all done from a handheld Android™ Tablet loaded with BST’s SwiftTab™ software. Gesture-based controls enable users to confidently deploy their UAS with minimal training while being able to collect data over geography that is topically diverse with confidence.

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Soil Moisture Mapping sUAS

The Black Swift S2-SMM (Soil Moisture Mapping) sUAS is a low-cost, simple to operate aerial platform with a highly capable passive L-band microwave radiometer that provides measurements of volumetric soil moisture content over agricultural-plot sized areas. Tight integration of the sensor with the UAS avionics and airframe enables precision flight control for low altitude missions permitting the sensor to accurately map soil moisture to a range of 5 to 20cm in depth with 15m resolution.

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