BST S2 UAS: Modular by Design, Accurate by Nature

A Purpose-Built Scientific Platform

The BlackSwift S2™ is a UAS purpose-built for flying scientific payloads in demanding atmospheric environments (high-altitude, corrosive particulates, and strong turbulence). The BlackSwift S2 offers the additional benefits of having a larger payload capacity than other vehicles while also having longer endurance, higher ceiling, and greater range than vector wing airframes. This rugged airframe is capable of autonomous launch, flight, and landing in difficult mountainous regions. Contact us to learn more.

Black Swift S2 UAS product
Black Swift S2 UAS product

“NASA and similar scientific agencies require deliverables with a high degree of accuracy and reliability,” emphasizes Jack Elston, Ph.D., CEO of Black Swift Technologies. “The BlackSwift S2 is designed to collect data in harsh environments and will enhance the performance and utility of NASA’s Airborne Science fleet.”

– Jack Elston, Ph.D., CEO of Black Swift Technologies

Modular Field-Swappable Payload System

Indicative of its science-based missions and flight heritage, the BlackSwift S2 features the field-swappable payload system designed to:

  1. Ensure clean and uncontaminated measurements of the atmosphere by completely enclosing the sensor suite and associated hardware within the nose cone, and
  2. Enable rapid changes of the payload in the field using a common power, data, and mechanical interface without any specialized tools. This allows for different sensors suites to be rapidly deployed in successive missions using the same airframe and FMS, extending the utility of the BlackSwift S2 to numerous applications and missions outside that of volcanic plume detection.

When Time is of the Essence

Leveraging BST’s proprietary Flight Planning User Interface, scientists can program the BlackSwift S2 in minutes to calculate the area under review and then begin collecting data for immediate analysis and decision making. With its intuitive tab-driven interface, flight planning is simple and easy to accomplish. Mission monitoring and mapping is all done from a handheld Android™ Tablet loaded with BST’s SwiftTab software. Gesture-based controls enable users to confidently deploy their BlackSwift S2 with minimal training while being able to collect data over geography that is topically diverse with confidence.

The SwiftCore FMS enables advanced control systems. These “smart” control systems provide industry leading sensor-based control of the UAS that minimizes operator workload while improving the quality of the observed data by autonomously modifying the flight path based on sensor inputs.