BST S1 UAS: Simple, Intuitive, Reliable

Black Swift S1 UAS product
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The BlackSwift S1™ is the perfect introduction to commercial operation of unmanned aircraft. Our mission planning software is so intuitive that you can learn it while performing real photogrammetry missions. You will quickly see the many possibilities of our gesture-based planning software tied to our common flight management hardware and software.

For mapping and photogrammetry missions you will likely find that this is the only system that you need.


Mission length: 1.5 hour
Storage medium: SD card
Area covered: 900 acres
Camera: 24 MPixel
Photo transfer: SD Card
Tablet model: 9.7″ Android® Tablet
Ground station mass: 2 lbs.
Ground station run time: 4+ hours
Gross Takeoff Weight (GTOW): 5.5 lbs.
Software Development Kit (SDK): Included
Field tripod: Included
R/C handset (for manual backup): 6-channel transmitter
Aircraft battery:  13,600 mAh LiPo
Battery charger: Performance LiPo charger

A Unified System

The BlackSwift S1™ utilizes Black Swift Technologies’ SwiftCore™ Flight Management System, comprised of the SwiftPilot™, SwiftStation™, and SwiftTab™ user interface, along with support electronics. The entire system is designed for ease of use along with accurate flight tracking, even in high winds. The SwiftCore FMS is designed and engineered by Black Swift Technologies and is entirely made in the USA. The SwiftCore has been approved and used for major scientific missions by NASA, deployments by NOAA, and by a growing list of commercial users including engineering and survey professionals, construction and mining managers, as well as environmental monitoring by scientific and academic organizations.


Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Purchase a Black Swift S1 UAS

Our new 2-1-4 Flexible Acquisition Plan makes it easy to incorporate the advanced capabilities of the Black Swift S1 into your operation.

2 – $2,000 down payment

1 – $1,000 per month

4 – Up to $4,000 in payments credited towards S1 purchase price

Plan includes platform training sessions, flight planning assistance, Black Swift S1 UAS aircraft, and the SwiftCore Flight Management System. Everything you need to put precision aerial mapping technology to work for your business.

Black Swift S1 UAS product kit
BlackSwift S1™ Field KitThe complete BlackSwift S1™ field kit with ready-to-fly aircraft, handset, battery and charger, Sony a5100 camrera, Swift Core FMS, and tripod.