Modular By Design,
Accurate By Nature™

Precision Aerial Mapping

cm-level results at 40% the cost of traditional surveying

Environmental Monitoring

Aerial environmental monitoring in Boulder, CO

With purpose-built scientific platforms consisting of an airframe, avionics, and module-based sensors, BST’s sUnmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are engineered to meet the demands of high altitude flights through strong winds and damaging airborne particulates typical of nomadic scientific field campaigns in harsh environments.

Surveying & Mapping

Aerial surveying and mapping products in Boulder, CO

With the advent of Part 107 allowing pilots to fly drones commercially, Surveyors and Engineers have been discovering the value sUnmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) can bring to their businesses and their clients. Corridor mapping, orthomosaic mapping, topographic mapping, and volumetrics, are all deliverables that can be done more efficiently using a UAS and its precision aerial mapping capabilities.

Construction & Mining

Construction and mining products in Colorado

Aerial precision mapping lets you generate 3D volume calculations and stockpile reports with centimeter-grade accuracy in a fraction of the time traditional methods take. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) give you the ability to visually monitor your sites and quickly analyze your progress, in real time, leveraging aerial imagery and precise orthophotos.


Modular By Design

Payload and sensors can easily be switched out or combined leveraging BST’s unique Modular by Design architecture for effortless system customization and functionality.

Accurate By Nature™

BST’s SwiftCore™ Flight Management System (FMS) provides industry-leading sensor-based control of the UAS minimizing operator workload while improving the quality of the observed data by autonomously modifying the flight path based on sensor inputs. The result is precision that other vendors cannot match.

“We base our unmanned aerial systems on a modular architecture, allowing us to quickly develop supporting electronics and software to accommodate instruments mounted on the aircraft.”

– Jack Elston, PhD
Founder & CEO

Unmanned aircraft systems products and services
SwiftCore™ Flight Management System

Custom Design & Engineering Services

Black Swift is a Boulder, Colorado based engineering firm specializing in high capability small unmanned aircraft systems. With the help of an array of in-house designed plug-and-play technologies, BST can quickly develop customized UAS solutions to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Need a custom solution?

We can help your team to achieve your information needs through specialized Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for user-specific, customized applications.

  • Vision

    We’ve been at the forefront of research in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, with over 100 publications to date.

  • Safety

    We’ve helped to shape the regulatory environment and were among the first to receive permission to perform nomadic missions and multi-aircraft operations.

  • Design

    We’ve designed and operated networked Unmanned Aircraft Systems for use in extreme environments ranging from tornadoes to the arctic.